Friday, July 13, 2018

When I exercise in a gym, I care about how people see me.  When I practice Tai Chi at home, I care about how I feel.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

So I’m thinking hard about what to write and the first thing that comes to my mind is how ignorant some people are.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Listening means NOT to open your mouth except to breathe.

All businesses face their own pain points. But like injuries, if not attended to, they will exacerbate with a poor prognosis.

You may fall deep into despair by not being balanced nor aligned. 

When you work out in a gym, you care about how you look. When you practice Tai Chi, you care about how you feel.

Like mucous sticking out of a person’s nose, if he’s wrong, tell him.

If all else fails, let nature take over and be your guide.

If you’re in a quiet place and your mind is at peace, don’t think of noisy things!

Value is defined as any product or service, that the customer WANTS, delivered on time, hassle and defects free. How many of you out there have experienced true value?

The biggest regret in life is the road not taken and not living the life of who you are.

We live in a world of malcontents, however misguided by their own reasons. What's sure is that many of us still possess the fundamental piece of understanding that makes us stand above the pestilence of negativity. Hold steady. The truth of wisdom shall overcome.  Peace.

Why is it that you get this epiphany, this great idea, when you’re pooping and, instantly, forget it when you’re finished? Should I keep a pen and journal next to the commode?
Not a new quote. Just thinking. If you jam your toe, do you tell people you have toe jam?
For some reason, you thought it was a good idea at the time, but after getting fired and losing other people’s jobs, you ask the question, “was that stupid, or what?”
Just a thought. Should you swing a bat or just let it fly away?
If you have a big gut, it’s not a good idea to cut your toe nails with dull clippers.
A person lied and said it was based on facts, and I told him to cut his toe nails using dull clippers.
Instead of telling a lie, tell the truth, and feel how nice it is.
I tell people I practice Tai Chi because I have this bad habit of watching network news, and, as of late, I’ve been practicing it a lot!
If you stick your tongue out and someone kicks you in the butt, would you bite your tongue or fart? Just asking.
When you’re young, you pass on your DNA. When you’re old, you pass on wisdom.
This guy thought he had a bad day when he couldn’t find his keys until he went outside and found his car missing.
If you think about nothing, then you’ve accomplished one mindful goal. If you do nothing, then you’ve accomplished one mindless goal.
Once, I got so frustrated that I banged my head against the wall and then needed a large painting to cover the hole.
Drink fresh clean water, and your body is nourished. Think stale dirty thoughts, and your mind crumbles.
Do bald people have bad hair days?
You haven’t lived until you waited on a DMV line!
An eagle soars, looks down, and views the world beneath it. When you look down, you see your ugly feet. So, raise your head and think of ways to soar with the eagles.
If you have suicidal thoughts, find someone to talk to. If there is no-one, then talk to the moon, stars, universe or simply the wall in front of you. Talking helps, so please do not take your own life.
If you’re interviewing for a job, don’t play on your smart phone!
Compassion is not what your mouth says, but what your heart does.
If you cut with a sharp knife, then why do you think and act with a dull mind?
If you stepped on dog poop, perfume or cologne don’t help. Just throw the damn shoes away.
Like I told a good friend of mine, if you have feet, you can still kick ass.
If the sign says open, but no one is doing their job, then, pretty much, it is not open for business.
“Poor behavior and bad manners are like very bad bowel movements. They stink.”
Sensei told me, if you lose your temper, hold back your fist. If you lose your fist, hold back your temper.
If you can close your eyes and think about nothing for about five minutes, then you've done something good for yourself.
I experienced a miracle this morning: I woke up!